Monday, February 18, 2013

Just Plain Old Ordinary Classics He-Man

It was either committing to a very expensive Castle Grayskull late last year, or watching a lot of Filmation He-Man reruns lately, that I made the decision to get just a normal plain of the run He-Man figure from the evil forces of Matty Collector. I always wanted this version from the start, but was denied by the first few waves of scalpers who got there first. I kind of gave up, not wanting to support such lameness, but lately my heart softened and I gave in.

Of course now I have two He-Men. I did get the Battle Armor version earlier, which was neat, as that was my very first original He-Man toy. But the Armor is not cartoon accurate, which has bugged me all sorts of ways for many years. I try not to think of the lame extra expenses paid for different torso armor, as these figures are pretty much identical. 

Maybe what sold the deal was getting the Power Sword and Shield with the normal He-Man. Kind of silly not to have the Power Sword for the Armor version. I will also get many miles out of normal He-Man, as he is so iconic to the toy collection.

Of course I also used the opportunity to get a Plain Old Ordinary Classics Skeletor, but maybe tomorrow on that one.


Michael Lewandowski said...

The Classic version is the best. Really, of the Original Line the first He-Man and Skeletor are really all I wnat.

jboypacman said...

Nothing wrong with a plain old He-Man Dan but will you be getting the New Adventures one that Matty is planning on releasing? I stopped getting these Classic figures a while ago but that one has me interested in buying it for some reason.

Dan said...

Michael- yeah those two are the best, every thing else is sort of just a repaint. I think I am at about max to what I want now. except for maybe Beastman...

jboypacman- yeah, they made that one look really cool! I might pass though as I don't know much about that show.


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