Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Plain Old Ordinary Classics Skeletor

To complement Plain Old Ordinary Classics He-Man, is Plain Old Ordinary Classics Skeletor. Skeletor is plain fantastic in my book. I think he slightly edges out He-Man as the better of the two figures.

And yes, that is two Skeletors now.  At least with these two, there are a few more differences.

Skull Face is painted differently. Battle Armor Skeletor has socks. Normal Skeletor has his trademark loin cloth fancy belt skirt. Normal Skeletor gets his wizard staff and purple power sword.

Now with each figure (He-Man), comes half of the Power Sword like the good old days. Fit them together, and depending on your mythos, something will happen (Grayskull opens, King Grayskull appears, Happy Hour at Pub Eternia extended indefinitely).

I think they fit together worse than the originals. Oh well, no biggie, its more of a silly gimmick.

So now I can finally rest that Plain Old Ordinary Classics Skeletor is on the shelf.

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