Thursday, November 04, 2010

Mark V Iron Man 2

Gotta say the suitcase suit is my favorite from the new movie. Yes, you could make "How Iron Man 2 Should have ended", with Whiplash cutting Iron Man in half as his suit took its time forming around Tony, but I'll let that slide.

The figure comes with a suitcase of course, some missiles that fire out of the suitcase of course, and an extra hand to carry the suitcase of course. I guess they really really wanted to include a fist for Iron Man that interchanges with a hand that holds the suitcase.

The overall look of the figure is great. He has that tin foil look. His articulation could be better. He can't raise his arms outwards very well. He can't sit very well, which is common with many of the Iron Man figures. Also missing on these Iron Man figures is a neck joint that allows the figure to look ahead while flying. With that aside, I keep buying them, and will soon build by own Iron Man suit made of Iron Man action figures.

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