Saturday, November 06, 2010

Confusion over Iron Man mark II, and Iron Man mark III solved?

So the story went; I go to store, I want a mark II Iron Man, I find one. Later when I get home I realize its not a Mark II but a Mark III, but it looks like a Mark II. I look at back of boxes, and there is another figure for Mark II, that has a missile launcher on a different arm. SO, is there a different silver ones? Maybe its a Mark II from the comics and not movie. I am so confused. I go back to store, look at other Mark II figures, and determine that the one I bought was just mislabeled.

So to clarify...

Mark I - Tony's first suit created in the field
Mark II - Tony's second, silver
Mark III - Tony's improved suit, painted, end of movie Iron Man 1.
Mark IV - Tony's improved Iron Man suit used at beginning of Iron Man 2.
Mark V - Tony's suitcase Iron Man suit.
Mark VI - Tony's newest suit, scene at end of Iron Man 2.

Did I get that right?


Mario! said...

That is an accurate summation of the movie armors.

whiteyford said...

tony stark is basically batman. wealthy man who makes a kick ass suit and fights crime. i just now realized this.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

there are several weathy heroes, though- MoonKnight for example... Tony Stark needs his suit to live, so he's kinda different. i LOVE these figures- gotta get one!

saruman said...

yup, u got it right!


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