Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Christmas Holiday Toys I would Recommend, Star Wars, Legos Minifigures, Batman, Iron Man, Zhu Zhu Warriors, and a Happy Fun Ball

Here are my toy suggestions for awesomeness this year, being the toy collector guru that I am. Before I throw down, I want to remind you that my choices fall for both boys and girls (even though most choices are unfairly labeled as boys toys). Its ridiculous to divide the toy aisles that way, and I hope when you buy for your kids you are thinking what best toy will spark their imagination. Maybe, get what they ask for first, but also surprise them with something different too.

I Start with the Star Wars Hailfire Droid RC Vehicle. I can't think of a better toy to run over your armies of Star Wars figures. As a bonus you can chase your cat and fire missiles at it. I haven't got to play with one yet, but I bet with those two big wheels, you don't have to worry about it falling over too much.

DC Super Friends, HeroWorld, from Fisher Price look like a nice durable play toy for the Batman Superman world. And if those don't fly Imaginext and Trio also look fun. I can't stop playing with my Imaginext Batcave set.

Did someone finally invent SNL's Happy Fun Ball? It looks that way with these Super Bounce Spring Balls made in Germany, sold at Toys R Us. They have an authentic warning label and they did bounce pretty far (and what is that residue left on my hands?). Watch out for your chandeliers!

Iron Man toys are on the list this year. I would suggest buying three or four, so the fun metal battles begin. Which reminds me, try sticking with a theme for giving toys. Pick a few from the same line to play with. That way you teach your kid the ways of unhealthy toy collecting and hopefully toy hoarding.

Lego Minifigures are perfect stocking stuffers, IF you can find them...

Godzilla is a holiday icon under the tree, but this year, show Mothra some love. I found this one at Toys R Us too.

Star Wars Legos are the best of the best in Legos. There are a ton of cool ships and minifigures to choose from. This new Wampa pack is spectacular. Also search for the Wampa floor rug, thats funny.

For Zhu Zhu pets, I would go with the warriors, as its way more fun. If you want a regular Zhu Zhu pet, go get a real hamster. If you want something greener with weapons go with the warriors. Don't forget to get them their armor too (it takes a few minutes to figure out who wears what).

The Arena set is hilarious. They make funny noises, and then charge each other for supremacy. If you're still not sold, think of the holiday gambling opportunities when the spiked egg nog kicks in.

So thats my first list of suggestions. If I see any more must haves, I will let you know in the next few weeks.

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