Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Iron Man Mark I, Movie Series

The Mark I suit from the first Iron Man movie is a fan favorite. Out of all the suits, this one looks like it could actually exist (maybe not fly, but exist). It looks like Tony got hit by a steam train. Overall the figure looks great, but I am not too keen on his weapon launcher. It's hard to say how it really fits on his arm. I wish it fit into a peg or something more solid. But you don't need to use it, so it doesn't harm the figure.

Hasbro did a fine job releasing many different kinds of suits from the movie, comic, and concept lines for these figures. A way better idea, then the neon Bat suits that we saw from Batman Returns days. Although I think I did see a Lumber Jack green Iron man for his forest missions.

The gear belts on his legs are pretty cool. It would be neat if they moved, but understandable that they don't. I like the detail on the back side torso of this suit. There's some machinery of sorts above his waist in black that makes for a nice industrial look.

His articulation is pretty good for a bulky suit, about what is expected. I doubt he could tie his shoes, but hey no laces to tie!

Mark 1 Movie and Mark 1 comic immediately become friends of course. So many stories to share.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

i know i'm prolly odd man out, but i prefer the comic version's simplicity more-
Some COOL IronMan figures floating around out there!

whiteyford said...

comic iron man is:
the iron giant
the big guy and rusty the boy robot

love the fist bump

Stephen said...

Typical Hollywood. Actor's are always shorter than they look in the movies.


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