Thursday, October 01, 2009

WED Treadwell Droid and its many appendages

You are in for a treat tonight, as I discuss in great length the WED Treadwell Droid and its many appendages.

First some history. The WED Treadwell was a series of repair droids produced by Cybot Galactica, and found across the galaxy, particularly on Outer Rim worlds such as Tatooine. This WED Treadwell Droid is an eight-armed automaton unit propelled by a treaded base.

Now lets get down to appendages!

#1 The Angled Poker Claw. This appendage was used to annoy the owner of the droid with great disrespect. For example, when Owen Lars was on the phone with relatives, the Angled Poker Claw would poke Lars many times a minute to ask Lars, who was on the phone, then if it was possible to speak with them, and then if it was okay if another appendage could have a cookie.

#2 The Simple C Claw. This appendage was used as a supporter of the Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs Football and Baseball teams. In the fall it would extend to full length bringing perfect reception to Luke Skywalker's entertainment system.

#3 The Claw Gouger. Used to pull Aunt Beru's famous Astro Olives out of jars.

#4 Speeder Bomb Detector Mirror. Lets face it, the Outer Rim is a dangerous place. Even more dangerous with floating cars. Its easy to place a bomb under the carriage, so better use the mirror appendage to check it out.

#5 The W-Magnet. It's useless to describe, since it never worked as the manufacturer intended. If you have this appendage, return it immediately and get a full partial refund and Sand Stamp.

#6 Broken Light Bulb. This appendage is broken too. Unlike the useless W-Magnet, this Light Bulb appendage is used to light things up.

#7 The Silly Claw. This thing is just silly, it makes all sorts of tasks more enjoyable for the owner of this Droid.

#8 Probulator. As Leela would say, "Now strip naked and get on the probulator."

I hope I have given you all the knowledge you can hold about WED Treadwell Droid appendages. Use this information wisely. Or at least bore someone else for an hour when you are waiting for the escalator to start back up again.

Oh, the Droid comes with a Jawa too.

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