Saturday, October 03, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 1

For lack of anything else exciting to go on these days, I give you the 'Finding the Best General Grievous' series. Well at least my attempts at finding the best figure of the strangest leader of the Droid Army. On film and animation he always looks very evil violent, and large. Yet in toy form, he often appears boring, silly, and small. Maybe its the close up shots and moving camera that usually takes him to the next level? His voice, and crab like movements also add to his allure.

My first Grievous was, well of course, the Revenge of the Sith action figure. I left him in package, but got a reissue somewhere along the way. When you press his head down, his arms flail about. Those arms can sort of be alined from four to two, but they still branch out. His hips and knees are jointed, but still hard to really pose him in anything menacing. His hands do a poor job of holding on to the Lightsaber, but gun holds on pretty tight. He doesn't scale well next to a standard figure too. You would think him to be much taller. Its sad that you could place him next to a standard Battle droid, and have the battle droid look better. His melon seems way to big too.

Maybe Part 2 Grievous will look better. Roger Roger.

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