Sunday, October 04, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 2

Force Action Battlers were designed more for the younger Star Wars fan in mind. Some where quite cool though, with interesting designs and solid construction. The Force Battlers are larger at about 8" in height, so they won't be able to play with regular 3 3/4" figures. I picked up this Grievous because he looked better in package then out. He is also kind of silly. His grip on the lightsabers is better, but only vertically and horizontally so it is hard to really pose him anyway other than this. When you squish his right leg inward, the arms again flail about. His arms are also collapsable, but don't lock, so they do swing about. He really needs a cape, I should make a batch for all these anti-cape Grievous figures. It might make them look better. I believe he also came with a grapple weapon, but mine seems to be missing at the moment.

So far, I still haven't found the best Grievous, will I in the next post...


Josh Miller said...

Yeah, as big of a deal and as popular as Grievous is, it's incredible that nearly all of his figures have been really crummy. Would it be too much to make a larger decently articulated well balanced figure without a crimmy action feature?

LEon said...

I used to have this figure too. I have not much problem with his arms but his legs IS a big problem to me after sometime on display.


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