Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Finding the Best General Grievous, part 5

Ah-Ha! Finally a neat looking Grievous Figure. Well at least in package. He appears to be foot clawing his way out the front! Yet closer inspection says, leg with funky angle, heavy awkward cape that will throw his balance off, and chest plate that still looks like its full of lime Jell-O. At least he's getting closer.


Mario! said...

So far, we only have one Grievous in common! I'm curious how many it will be by the end.

LEon said...

with hasbro doing repackaging, it would amount to quite a number maybe around 10?

desmond said...

This is a good piece. I like this character as well. I only have the Hasbro 12inch version.

Anonymous said...

Nerds. NERDS!


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