Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Xevoz - Inferno Fury - He must be a liar because his pants are on ____!

I was going to do this whole silly Photoshop bit where Inferno Fury starts burning the poster board he is standing on, then engulfing my couch, and then my arms bursting into flames, but I just got extremely lazy. Inferno Fury is one of those Xevoz that as soon as you see him in the other figures section on the packages, you know he is the next one to buy. Top five for sure, he has more of that pretty clear plastic, loads of weapons (one that shoots about a few inches!), swords and staffs, and cool eye ball head.

And those neat wings sure are spiffy hot.

Sniff Sniff, I think I have exhausted my Xevoz collection to show off. I do have that one that turns into a car, but it's quite ridiculous, and I'm again too lazy to photo shoot that one (I might even sell it). But stay tuned for my exciting Xevoz Challenge coming tomorrow or the next day.

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