Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Xevoz Challenge!

For the last few weeks I have subliminally introduced Xevoz into your deepest cavities. Sadly though, I doubt you have the same reckless action figure collecting bug that I do, so playing with Xevoz is impossible for you. This is where the Xevoz Challenge comes to play! All you have to do is pick which figures you want me to disassemble, then what parts you want me to build with, and then I will create your creation and take a picture for all to see! Weeee!

For Example; "Duh, I'll take the Torso of C, with the Legs of R, and the Head of J, with the weapons of E." -I will then take those parts and pieces and custom build your creation and photo it for all to see!

Lets try not to go too crazy, keep it close the example above, and only one comment creation at a time. I expect millions of submissions, so we have to be fair.

Also, if this gets really crazy. I will introduce you to the Xevoz game, where each of your pieces correspond to a Xevoz power Glyph and Helix roller. We will then choose which of the coolest creations to fight against each other in a battle of ultimate destruction.

So What are you waiting for? What should I build first?

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