Sunday, July 27, 2008

Xevoz - Alpha Ranger - I forgot one!

I forgot about the Alpha Ranger! The Neo Sapien with a ton of armor and weaponry. I added some bandage decals, for it seemed he needed them. I guess I will label him 'U' for the Xevoz Challenge, that many of you are spending days constructing the perfect figure for me to build. Don't forget to comment those ideas! I am really that bored!

Speaking of Rangers, I was at Eagle Island State park yesterday. What a perfect place to have someone dress up as a monster and wreck chaos. The monster could knock over grills, steal beach toys, and kill people. Then have a group of people dress up as Power Rangers and then go kill the guy dressed as the monster. The place has a perfect park/quarry feel. And when the Zords come out, the city is far enough for it to seem really awkward that one minute you're in a park and the next minute you are in down town Boise.

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