Friday, July 04, 2008

Xevoz - Hyper Guardian - Sticky! No really, Sticky!

First off, Happy Fourth of July. This country rocks, don't let anyone ever say otherwise. Hyper Guardian will serve and protect while Superman takes a day off.

So I got this Hyper Guardian today in the mail. I wasn't sure if I would really like him or not, kind of thought the makers could do the super hero better. The color scheme wasn't the best, even though I do like blue. I wish it had a customizable color palate, and better heads sculpts. But, once again, out of the package this Xevoz hero tips the top five.

By the way, did you see that price someone got it for at retail?!!! I never got lucky finding Xevoz in clearance bins. I remember a few at Toys R Us, and Target, but once they were off the shelf, they were gone forever. (I have memories of picking up Storm Wing for my old roomate- turns out that was the rarest Xevoz of them all- DOH!) Unfortunatly for me, I had to pay many many multiples of that 2.99 for my Hyper Guardian.

Now this was kind of funny or strange. The previous owner must have left these in a hot attic or garage. Or the plastic was never up to par. All of the Hyper Guardians clear yellow weapons, blast effects, and accessories were really sticky! The package was never opened before, so it must have just sat and degraded or the plastic corroded. It was almost a film of really thin glue. But with a little warm soapy water, and a soft nail brush, I was able to clean it off. Now the parts shine again. I just wonder if the film will come back now, but probably not if its out in the air.

Have fun blowing stuff up today. And remember, unlike Xevoz, if your arm blows off, you cannot reattach!

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