Sunday, February 04, 2007

Projectile Contest! Optimus Prime and Samuri Battle Cat

G2 Optimus Prime has come out of re-retirement to play some projectile contest...

Looks like a modest 62". That old Megatron injury still must be hurting him.

Samuri Battle-Cat wants a go...

aaaaand looks like a.... 59" Not that great either. Looks like Hi-Tech is still the champion. Steam is running out of this competition, better pick just a couple more contestants. Any requests?

Current Standings:

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"
5. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
6. G2 Optimus Prime 62"
7. Samuri Battle-Cat 59"
8. Rebel Trooper 58"
9. Tie Bomber 41"

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