Thursday, February 15, 2007

Decepticon Jet malfunctions?

Look, its the rare black Sky-lynx!

It has been weeks since I purchased a new toy. I know, hard to believe, but Bart the cat thought it would be funny to play 'fake' sick and create a nicely sized vet bill that killed my toy budget (hence the lame projectile contest). I was worried I'd miss out on the Ultra Magnus Sky Warp two pack at Target. Luckily I did not, actually there was at least 15 to 20 on the shelf. But now I get unlucky again, Sky Warp seems to have a bad cockpit to fuselage connection. In other words his cockpit hangs limp.


I'm not sure if I will get the time in the next few days to exchange, or to live with it, or perhaps modify? I've been looking at the joint up close, I think it has to do with the screw in the cockpit, might not have been centered right. There is no excess plastic edges that would cause the connection to not hold, so it has to be a length/angle thing. Any suggestions??? It mainly bugs me in that this is the second Jet of the Decepticons that has come home not perfect. If you recall, stupid Starsceam forgot one of his wing cannons. Had to exchange him too.

Now there is the Ramjet issue...

I would say his transformation is a bit on the easy side.

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