Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh-no, not again, again.

The Marvel Attacktix addiction is in full swing now. I think about it at work, in the car, while I sleep, when I eat, when I brush Bart, getting beat up by jocks, while I watch tv, when I think about other toys, when I walk to the car, when I stage an useccessful nerd group attack on the jocks...

Right now my impression is Ultra High. They have so much more color, bright color, than the Star Wars series. They also have some nice details that stand out. For example, Gambit has a few Ace cards painted on his 'force blast/throwing weapon.' Also unlike the Star Wars version, the projectiles look better on the toy than they do in the catologue. For example, the catalogue shows Punisher's projectile as red, but it is actually black, which really makes his weapon look punishing. There is also a nice Arm fling upgrade to Sabretooth. Instead of doing the usual complicated wind up for the paw attack, it just spring flips back and WAM-O! Too bad they didn't do this with old Wolverine though. He has the old school wind-up, but mine has a loose shoulder so he ends up really faulty. I might get one out of five swings to work. I am hoping to get the alternate version of Wolverine with the projectile claws some day. I also got my first sting based Attacktix. Green Goblin can fly off his base and attack from the air. I tried a few times, but its harder than though. Shooting from sky downwards, doesn't guarentee a knockdown becasue the base protects the hit. It is better to hit from the side to tip the figure over.

The best part is, unlike my other Attacktix addiction phases is that I have not gotten a repeat figure yet!!! Im sure my luck will change, but its nice to start strong for a change, instead of Bowcaster Chewbacca after Chewbacca after chewbacca. I think the main downside to Marvel attacktix right now is no character works as a double. You can have a thousand troopers in Star Wars Attacktix, but it seems silly to have a thousand Electros. (unless, I guess, there is a cloneing mishap)

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