Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Projectile Contest! Tie Bomber...

Well lets see how a Tie Bomber fairs...

Hmmm not well at all. I guess its better at dropping bombs instead of launching them.

Current Standings

1. Hi-Tech 90"
2. Waspinator 77"
3. Han Solo Mech 68"
4. Lego Batmobile 66"
5. Snow Storm Trooper 66"
6. Rebel Trooper 58"
7. Tie Bomber 41" (no wonder the Rebellion won)


Mike Overall said...

I think Hi Tech has this one locked up bro.

Face said...

Um....bombs get dropped, or possibly "flung". They shouldn't ever beat a forward firing munition as their only means of propulsion is simple momentum.

Don't be too suprised.......


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