Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Toy displaying techniques.

I was out of the office this afternoon and when I returned I found this interesting gathering of toys on my computer moniter. Not exactly sure what the toy mob is doing to the bus in the center. Its either a full on attack or something a little more passionate.

The best part of being the 'toy guy' at work or was that 'little kid' or 'are you like five guy?' is that you get lots of free toys. I work on bus graphics occasionally, so I got a neat stress relief squishy bus. Another Coworker goes to McDonalds and returns interesting Happy Meal finds like that Yu-Gi-oyh guy with a card up its butt, or that strange looking alien with the light up funnel mouth. People have gone as far as giving me old Star Wars figures. Like the Death Star Gunner and Sandtrooper. I personally like the small scale Transformers Cybertron line on my desk. They are quick to Transform and display while I'm working on complex algorithoms of areas under the curve that stick to things.

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