Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Projectile Contest! Batmobile Legossus!

News of this great contest is sweeping the Toy Museum. Batman and his Lego Batmobile have entered the event! Will the technological power of Batman take the cake?

66"? 66"? And believe it or not, that was best of five shots!!! (no one has been given more than one shot to this day!) It was pathetic at best. Batman had to angle his jet engine to get a good enough arc, yet the big heavy bumper on top of the projectile sent it into the ground four times at under 25"! Since I am a huge Batman Lego fan though, I will give it a 66" to escape total failure. As for the Batmobile's projectile cannon, better go back to the shop if Batman is going to take out Two-Face's speedy bank escape van.

Current Standings:
1. Waspinator 77"
2. Han Solo Mech 68"
3. Lego Batman 66" *
4. Dan's Toy Museum 300 posts and counting.

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