Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sigma Six Spirit

I guess my favorite toy addiction for the moment is GI Joe Sigma Six. I had to get Freedom and he came with a neat figure called Spirit Iron-Knife. I was excited to hear that they are going to make a Monkey figure soon and it comes with some guy named Ship Wreck. Also Timber is going to be coming with a Snake Eyes soon. Hopefully they will make a Mutt that comes with a Junkyard. Anyone confused yet?


Lucrezia said...

Have you seen the little Sigma 6 figs? They come in packs of 4 or less depending on if they have a vehicle or not. The ninja one is awesome! 6.99 at Fred's...

Dan said...

drat now I have to collect another size of figure? 3 3/4", 9". 12" and now 2.5" I think I have a Duke in every size too. They should make a good game show some time.


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