Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Bionicle Madness!

Thanks to a buy two get one free sale, a still working employee 10 percent discount, and a tricky "I'll do the grocery shopping" to the wife, I got three new Lego Bionicles! And WOW after six years or so of Bionicle did Lego get them almost near perfect!?

Thanks to Toa Hewkii for modeling these shots. Their overall appearance looks great with both knees and elbows jointed. They have nice looking armor all around and their size fits well. They are balanced nicely and easy to stand.

Now for the good stuff... The Weapons. This time around they have a really fantastic shooting ball weapon. Unlike the Voya Nu the Inika can hold four shots (if you can understand that last sentence you are geekier than I). The refillable chamber is a nice addition. In the sets I bought, one out of the four balls was a different color shade, I wonder if thats a good omen? The other weapon lights up and flashes with all increasing rapid intensity. The part they got right this time is that it stays lit up for a few seconds instead of having to leave your finger on the button. Makes for great fights!

The new Mask system is kind of strange. They used to have a 'real' face underneith their mask, NOW it's this mysterious smooth nub. Much like the episode in GI Joe American Hero where that lady gets her face disappeared (again, if you know more about that you are an extreame ubber nerd). The mask fits real snug, but I kind of miss the face beneith the face.

This is the first Bionicle toy too without any cool gears inside (well the last series had arm gears). That is a definate downside. Those gears gave these guys a unique characteristic, sort of like a heart or something in my book. Oh well, I guess the ball shooter and light up weapon makes up for it this time. Another downside is only the black one has hands. I know that his ability is digging and scartching but still the others really need hands too still. No more stumps with weapons attached directly, come on. Also, for those who will run right to the store and get one after reading about this... WATCH OUT, only the yellow/black one (seen here in pictures) has the funky cool plastic chain. Why don't the other Bionicles get chains?

All in all, this is the best MADE series yet. Much better then the hunch back spinning fan shooters of last time. My favorite series is still the original one, they were simpler yet had more character for some reason. I give the new Bionicles eight out of ten lego man heads.

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