Sunday, August 20, 2006

New music to accompany toy articulating with.

Kind of slow year for any good music, I finally caught up with a few okay scores for the year. Out of the three I found X-Men: The Last Stand was the most entertaining. It has the most original, catchy, and legthy themes to listen too. Favorite tracks are the zippy action music like 23. Attack on Alcatraz and 26. Phoenix Rises. I also like how John Powel the third composer for the X-men series of movies creates his own main theme topping the first two, yet making it less then a minute long. At least its played several times throughout the score. I would give the new X score four out of five stars.

Then there is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Hmmmm. Well I could mention the on going controversy of Original Swashbuckleing Pirate music VS Electronic music you heard in Crimson Tide, the Rock, Gladiator, the Peacemaker, Black Hawk Down, and every other Hans Zimmer related score, but I guess I won't. It's either a love or hate for people around. I think it works okay in these movies and will give a slight overall approval of it. As long as Zimmer starts making some new stuff after these movies. It makes good driving music, its loud and fun most of the time. The Dinner is searved waltz is my favorite track. I would give the new pirates score three out of five stars.

Superman Returns! Did you hear! I'm thrilled they didn't can the old music, for John Williams theme's are legendary and any new music would just be a bad copy of the original. John Ottman did not screw up the material at all (Allthough he didn't really add anything of his own to make it better). Its always good to hear the Superman theme once and awhile. I give the uses of the Superman theme five out of five stars but the rest of Ottman's score two out of five.

Okay back to toys...

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