Monday, August 28, 2006

Miscellaneous Madness

I wish I could be one of those toy collectors who picks something and goes with just that. Like just Star Wars, or just GI Joe, or just the Blue Power Rangers (which I really wish I did that). But since I seem to buy anything with joints, projectiles, and/or ooze I can come up with strange toy teams you never hear of.

Spirit Iron Knife, Battle Droid piloting the Eagle lander, and Orko are a deadly team!

Here we have Scorpion Xevox, Lego Dinosaur, and a Jedi.

And the powerful Cobra Commander, Beast, lego Millinium Falcon trio are not to be messed with.

Strange how Bart the Cat knocked down every picture display shoot, then to top that off, knocked the camera off the shelf afterwards too.


Mike Overall said... come you never respond when I leave a comment? Are you mad at me?

Face said...

Dam that cat, I say we lop off it's toes and cut off it's balls!

Jeff said...

Boy, I can't wait for these teams doin' battle with each other in a movie! Now that would be some entertainment!

Dan said...

A post that gets three different responces from three different bloggers, i feel honored! I will try and and visit all your sites, but as an Astronaut going to Mars I may be a bit detained at times!

Dan said...

by the way Face, how bout you update yer blog at least once a month. :)

I want to see scooter pictures!


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