Friday, May 12, 2006

Meet my new aprentransformer. . . . Darth Maul the Sith Infiltrator!

Probably the last toy bought during my bachelor life style, I picked up Darth Maul the Transfomer today.

Some find these guys weird and disturbing, I kind of think they are cool. When I imagine the Star Wars universe in the shoes of Transformers I wonder how would that exactly work? Especially when the Robots themselves are still piloted by the actual character of themselves in both robot and ship. Kind of twists your brain a bit.

Darth Maul here was done pretty well. Some of the robot forms come out too portly like the Jedi Starfighters or the Fett family. Other vehicles are a little revealing from certain angles like Luke Skywalker's underpants. Darth Maul here has a real nice Robot form and Vehicle. Although, Maul has a strange place for tucking his hands when in vehicle form. I can't wait for the combiner Han and Chewie Millinium Falcon!

Say, can I borrow your Sith Infiltrator for a spin?

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