Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Heroes of Attacktix!

Thanks to Attacktix Joe, Joe Attacktix, I won a set of Star Wars heroes! Thanks Joe! Chewbacca wants to know why his weapon is green while everyone else sports blue. The mystery of the Star Wars Universe I guess. Since I have this set already, I think I will plan to surprise unsuspecting people into their own starter set, so I can rumble their puny talents later. Bwa-Ha-Ha!

Welp I will be out and about for the next couple O'weeks. But don't go away, surprises may be a legofoot. And soon I will have proof from the State of Idaho that a toy nerd can get married to a beautifull girl. And then we will honeymoon on some nice Cobra Island somewhere. Hey!... Maybe I should take my GI Joes... What's that honey?

I was just saying I could bring my...

#%*Ouch! Ouch! Ok, ok, they'll stay home.


Maybe I will sneak a small Cobra Trooper. :)


Mike Overall said...

Married eh? Congrats! Been 4 years for me now. And I'll let you in on a secret: Get a part time job where the main pay is tips...then you can squirrel a little away for yourself for toys and give the rest to the little woman and she'll think you're working for her when in fact it's all you babee!

Will post a couple things I bought tomorrow. Hint: Man of Steel and Z06 of steel!

Jeff said...

Now, if that's not some good marriage advice, I don't know what is.

Mike Overall said...

Aint it the truth!

Did Dan just drop off the earth? He never comments on my site anymore...maybe it's just me...*cry cry*


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