Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Hey Boga's back on store shelves! Thats a good thing, these big Attacktix Battle Masters make the game go crazy. I forgot to mention the total mayhem I brought to the family table on my birthday a couple months ago. I introduced every one to Star Wars Attacktix. For some reason I thought we were going to run out of game pieces so I brought over about 50 to 75 guys. I was surprized to see them take up the whole table. Next thing you know it a battle broke out, no rules, no boundaries! There were missles flying everywhere. Luckily none of the fine dishes were destroyed. After several attempted peace treaties and a few eye hits, we finnaly got some small 100 point games going. They went pretty well. My Grandma, who is in her late 90's mind you, got some pretty good shots with Luke Skywalker (even After he was shot down dead). Every few minutes or so, she would shoot out his force blast attack and knock down one of the in game pieces. It was great! Lessons learned though, next time less game pieces, and more controlled enviroment.

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