Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thank You Cosmic Ark and Goodwill Geek!

Last friday was super unreal to say the least. At about noon I got a knock on the door from FedEx with a large package of all this awesome loot from Spring Cleaning at The Cosmic Ark!!!

So much stuff to go through!!! Control of the Corps, metal Marvels, Turtle associates, and much more! And all I did was hint at super cool Megavolt (I will do more on him later).

There is lots to decide on, but rest assured, I will share some with you too (of course not lobster man, he's mine now) The Native American Corps is so awesome too!!!

Then to continue the madness, when my wife came home at five she had this from the mailbox...

The Goodwill Geek found me a fantastic collection of Power Ranger stuff, mainly these waaaay cool Power Ranger inspired miniature robots!!! These guys are perfect fun, and to top off, a Blue Ranger I don't have!!! I think McDonalds inspired.

So yeah, Big Thanks to these two titans of toy collecting, Jboypacman and Derek!

Of course this has me needing to do some spring cleaning here at the ToyMuseum too, so I am thinking about getting about five or so flat rate boxes of fun.  I think I will do half grab bag style where I show the main attraction, but throw in some surprises as well. Maybe a first come first serve. Don't worry, when it gets time to do so, I will set a time for you to grab so its fair.

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