Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boise Toys R Us Milwaukee and Franklin moving to Eagle and Fairview Meridian!!!

I was really shocked about this one. I recently saw a new Toys R Us and Babies R Us shopping center being built near the insanely busy corner of Fairview Ave and Eagle Rd Meridian area, and thought, "Wow, finally we have two Toys R Us!" I did have reservations of two Toys R Usses in the same area given their constant survival pains, but thought other cities have more than one. To my surprise, when visiting the Boise Toys R Us, moving signs were pasted everywhere (and it was only a few days since last visit)! For what I can remember, this store has been there since at least 1988, and I have lived there ever since. I have had some found memories strolling those aisles. Here are a few:

- Holding a brand new mint Thundercats Tygra and Wiley Kat action figure in hand, but catastrophically passing them over for a Thundercats Adventure on Cassette Tape (we were going on a family road trip).

- The old store design, had super long aisles. There was the main cool action figure aisle in the center back, and the second less cool action figure aisle next to it.

- Tricked my mom that I would read a book in exchange for a Turtles April O'neil figure.

- Test playing the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and burning my retinas.

- Full House Topless Dancing Becky!!! There was this doll set from the show, and somehow Becky's shirt got raised up over her doll boobs. The toy sat on the shelf for at least a year. Every time we went in, it was a tradition to check her out. Look even Uncle Jesse liked it...

- Saving for months and buying a Micro Machines Gas Can fold out City Garage Playset. (sold on Ebay $9.95)

- Having a dream about the Batman Returns display and collecting a massive army of Bat-men with different weapons and gadgets. This I did in the awake world, thus creating the toy collector nut before you.

- Scoffing at the Micro Machines Star Wars Action Fleet line, then proceeding to buy all the sets the next few years. (I did resell the rare Tie Defender for $120, but still have the Rancor)

- Skipping the costly arcades to play free Playstation, N64, and Sega Saturn demo stations.

- (This one is sketchy) Buying a clearance Lego set at Shopko, deciding its worth more at Toys R Us, returning it for store credit. Now the travesty part... Instead of buying a giant Star Wars reissue AT-AT, I bought a stupid Lego Bug ship that sits unbuilt in a tub of Legos. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

- Episode 1 toy launch day. Never had I seen such an insane launch of toyage. I think there was a Naboo themed garden furniture set.

- Episdoe 2 toy launch, never had I seen such a weak movie toy launch (lessons learned from the garden furniture set).

- The horrible new store design, where the cool action figure toy shelves were set up in a double "X" layout, how many times did I miss something because of its confusing direction?!!

- Transformers toy launch, buying a Barricade Decepticon toy, and trying to figure out how to transform the darn thing at Jack in the Box across the parking lot (which is now closed too).

- That "Ring the bell if you had good service" bell by the exit door that seemed to only be their a few weeks. I tired it once, it was embarrassing.

- Roman buying me a super AT-AT (over a $100 value) in exchange for rent for our spare room.

- Buying a Yarna D'Al' Gargan Peg warmer figure. Your Welcome.

- Taking my new daughter to Toys R Us, ha ha, I'm not just a creepy thirty something walking the aisles anymore, I have an excuse!

I am sure there are a few more stories that I am not recalling, but in short, its been my favorite store for over 25 years. Its going to be a real sad day not to be able to shop at that location. I am sure the new store will be fantastic, but that Eagle Road drive is scary. So heres to Boise Toys R Us Franklin and Milwaukee store, may you be replaced with a boring Pay Day Loan store with grace.

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