Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Optimus Prime Fall of Cybertron

I decided to add another Prime to my shelf, this time for Fall of Cybertron (sequel to that other game). I was hesitant at first, as its getting pretty pricey for not as much Transformer these days, but I really like my assortment of Primes going on the old shelf. 

With that said, this Prime is rocketing up to one of my instant favorites. Mainly because he is very easy to transform. I didn't even need to consult the instructions, it was so simple. I like that that vs excusing yourself for 30 minutes of painful flap folding. Prime has good colors, proportions, and articulation.

It is quite shocking to compare this Prime to the previous version, which I once compared to a lawnmower.

New Prime is much smaller and way less complicated than older Prime. On one hand its bad that you have to pay more for such a simplified smaller Transformer, on the other, its an awesome fun simplified Transformer. The folks at Hasbro have really come along way these last couple years in making designs more cost effective, yet still fun.

It was a nightmare, by the way, to get old Robot Prime back into Lawnmower prime. A ton of flaps and rotations, that I could barely remember from more than a year of non Transforming. Yes, old looks cool on some angles, but it is too complex to transform cooly. If I need to pull a Prime down off the shelf to play, its either old G1 or this new one!


Optimal Omega said...

So I'm not the only one who has problems with the WFC Prime? Thank goodness.

Dan said...

Ha ha, yeah, WFC looks cool, but boy oh boy, not fun to transform.

LEon said...

The only complaint I have for this new one is it is too small in scale. Even Jazz from the same deluxe line is way bigger than him...

Anonymous said...

Personally I prefer the WFC Prime to the FOC Prime. FOC Prime in vehicle mode looks like a folded-up robot. WFC maybe more complex to transform, but it's worth it for the vintage yet alien looking truck mode.


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