Sunday, October 28, 2012

G.I. Joe Battle Corps Mudbuster

Aqua and Purple Battle SUV anyone? Anyone?

The Mudbuster has been on my short list for some time, as I have a couple long time corresponding toys to match to it. I had my choice over a mint in sealed box, mint in open box, and loose, at a toy reseller, and I picked the middle.

If you can get over the 1993ish colors, then its a pretty rad vehicle. Key features being its 360˚ rotating missile launcher, and "Smash 'N Bash" Action bumper (which is going to need a new rubber band soon)

My first reason for kind of wanting the Mudbuster, was that since '93 or so, I had the Battle Corps Duke (v4). He has been stored away most of his life, but has been upgraded to the Duke shelf for most of the summer. I think there is a kicking Scarlet around here too, that would like a ride.

The second reason for kind of wanting the Mudbuster, was the Mudbuster digital watch I have had since about, well '93.  Every time I wore the watch, I though, I should look into getting the toy vehicle for the action figures.

The watch was epic of course, with sound effects and bumper attack. Out of batteries now though :(

So now that I have a Mudbuster, it's not as exciting as I would have hoped. It feels a little more "basic" than the vehicles before, and the vehicles of now. Something feels off with its construction, a little light weight plastic or something. Maybe its a vehicle that is meant only for its time of '93. 



jboypacman said...

I love it! Great bright colors and the perfect size leaving plenty of room for other goodies you can pick-up for the Toy Museum Dan. : )

Anonymous said...

For me, this an interesting vehicle in that it shares everything except its main body and battering ram with the Cobra Ice Snake.

Plus, same wheels as the Hammer.

The steering wheel is a needed detail. I like the gun mount and pickup truck base design, though.

Playmobil Super Sets said...

That was an awesome vehicle! Mudbuster shows how tough this toy in war as it is fully equipped with firearms. The color is so vibrant that makes it more encouraging to play. No wonder if kids would like to have it in their collection.

Hobgoblin238 said...

So cool! I wish I had it.


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