Sunday, October 28, 2012

G.I. Joe Battle Corps Mudbuster

Aqua and Purple Battle SUV anyone? Anyone?

The Mudbuster has been on my short list for some time, as I have a couple long time corresponding toys to match to it. I had my choice over a mint in sealed box, mint in open box, and loose, at a toy reseller, and I picked the middle.

If you can get over the 1993ish colors, then its a pretty rad vehicle. Key features being its 360˚ rotating missile launcher, and "Smash 'N Bash" Action bumper (which is going to need a new rubber band soon)

My first reason for kind of wanting the Mudbuster, was that since '93 or so, I had the Battle Corps Duke (v4). He has been stored away most of his life, but has been upgraded to the Duke shelf for most of the summer. I think there is a kicking Scarlet around here too, that would like a ride.

The second reason for kind of wanting the Mudbuster, was the Mudbuster digital watch I have had since about, well '93.  Every time I wore the watch, I though, I should look into getting the toy vehicle for the action figures.

The watch was epic of course, with sound effects and bumper attack. Out of batteries now though :(

So now that I have a Mudbuster, it's not as exciting as I would have hoped. It feels a little more "basic" than the vehicles before, and the vehicles of now. Something feels off with its construction, a little light weight plastic or something. Maybe its a vehicle that is meant only for its time of '93. 


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