Tuesday, October 16, 2012

New Thundercats Grune the Warrior!

Back in my day, we called him Grune the Destroyer! And he was huge! I picked up the new version of Grune the Warrior as I had only poor Mumm-Ra for the new Thundercats to versus against. Mostly off the shelves now, I picked him up at a reseller. Grune has some extra weapons, so he was a little more than the basic assortment. So do the larger added weapons make the difference?

Sort of. The monster mace here is really quite impressive for the size of figure. The mace does some spring extensions, that works fairly well. It also has a built inside magnet for attaching to Grune's back (took too much time to figure that out). 

Grune also comes with a bow staff and bent arrow, thanks to the packaging. There is also a small tube launcher (darn, what is that called?) that doesn't shoot anything.

Grune is invited to the thick guys club in newer Thundercats figures. He has some weight, but also stumpy legs, which I just now noticed Panthro has too.

He is an okay figure, but not for the extra price. They kind of went on a stretch to call him deluxe in my book of Omens. Good to have though, as there was a big mistake on enough villains to good guys ratio in the whole collection.

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