Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time Zone Toys In Boise is Epic Awesome!

My jaw was literally on the floor the entire time on my first trip to the newly opened Time Zone Toys in Boise. I am so happy to report about a new toy store in the area that buys sells and trades toys. I was shocked to see such a huge amount of inventory for a store that just opened.

Not just packed with packaged toys from current to classic,  unpackaged toys are abundantly found, many that I have never seen in the wild. A huge, solid GI Joe display case is happening, with a store goal on having the largest GI Joe selection in the great Northwest (Unless I empty that case out on my next visit).

So many classic toys to send you time traveling; Karate Kid, Batman Forever, 90210 Dolls, Skeleton Warriors, Bill and Ted toys, and SeaQuest to name just a tiny percentage. I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to do some trading with some of the boxed and open stuff I have hoarded over the years, and probably some buying too (prices were very fair). Seeing all this great stuff gives me some good perspective on keeping collections in control too.


I traded a few old things for; that nice reissue Mego Batman (Yeah, can't believe I missed that in stores). A shiny bluuuuuuue Power Ranger from the first movie (scratch that off my list). And Captain Bridger from SeaQuest (I have a Darwin that needs his master).

I am already excited for my next visit, with inventory moving around, there should be new stuff to see every visit. The store is a clean and vibrant place to be, and I hope they add a "Norm's Bar Stool" for me to sit in, as that guy who never leaves. 


Brothermidnight said...

That looks like a ton of stuff packed into that store!I spotted a few things in your picture I would have snagged.I did a post just today about Seaquest being a forgotten toy line but it looks like it isn't as forgotten as I thought.

IDstormtroopers said...

sweet find. got a couple of jurrasic park dinos for my nephew

jboypacman said...

My jaw is dropping here Dan! I might have to send you a little list of stuff am looking for lol. Am looking forward to hearing about and seeing what you get on your next trip. : )

Dan said...

SeaQuest stuff always puts a smile on my face.

Those Dinos are so awesome!!!

Let me know if your looking for anything in particular.

Kal said...

I would die to live near a shop like that. Get to know the guy so he will be on the look-out for the stuff you really want and let you trade because your stuff is quality. Jealousy from the Tundra.

jboypacman said...

Cool Dan i will drop you a PM. : )

Yelinna said...

I wish I were in that plastic paradise filled with plastic happyness.
In one of the photos, I could notice some Dragon Flyz action figures. I remember them from early 2000s (or it was late 90s??). I remember it was a cartoon too.


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