Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lego Minifigures Series 8 Black Package, Part 2

I found some time, and was able to do some more 'thought out' smooshing on series 8. I pretty much abandoned the bump code method this time, as I couldn't mark the black packs with a black sharpie effectively. The figure I had to hunt the most for, was the figure that should be the easiest, the Alien Villainess. With her large dress brick, she's an easy smoosh ID, I just couldn't find her right away. I also had the hardest time building her, as the standard lego head piece that goes inside her Alien head, rolled away when I opened the pack. I kept trying to fit the pink brain on top of the green face plate, and they would not snap together. I was confused, until I looked around the table and found the pink head piece that combines the two together. Nice story.

I pretty much smooshed out all the ones I wanted, over the course of 15 agonizing minutes. I aways like  to see the store employees watch over their shoulders at that nerdy Lego guy doing the smooshing. I am not the only one, I see others smooshing away too. So now days, I just pitch a tent and get to work with no shame.

Series 8 with be known as the series with feather hats. It's too bad they didn't equip Santa and the Cowgirl with a feather too. I like how the Conquistador's helmet has a little more gold shine and wish the Diver's helmet did too. Both these guys are prime for stop motion animation possibilities.

The Downhill Skier is cute, but I wish they could find a better way to have her stand on her base with the skis. 

The Actor is classic Lego Minifigure madness. 

The Big draw for series 8 is the Red Cheerleader, even the Vampire Bat wants some of that red.

I have doubles of Business Man and Conquistador. Not sure if I want to return them yet for the hunt for Football player and DJ. If anyone wants to trade before I do so, let me know.

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