Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lego Marvel Avengers: Hulk's Helicarrier Break Out 6868

So my favorite Northwest local big box store (Fred Meyer) had Lego sets on sale, 15% off, plus additional 10% off with a coupon, IF you were savvy enough to pick through store ad. That made this normally overpriced set, feel a bit more regular priced. This set was necessity though, as I had to have a large Hulk for an upcoming video project. The kit contains 389 pieces and took me about an hour to build.

Hulk is massive indeed, but lacking in movement. I guess I can understand no leg joints or waist, but a head joint would have enhanced him.  I will make him work through the magic of Dan.

This overall set is kind of so-so. The minifigure distribution to these sets are horrible at best. Now I have two Hawkeye's and Loki. Nick Fury would have made more sense for this set (or the other Shield truck set). Heck even some helicarrier troops to sit up top. I would have preferred the helicarrier to have at least one turbine to play with too.  We do get a nice white recliner for Loki's staff to sit on though.

As for Loki's cell, that was probably the most eye-rolling ridiculous containment scene in the movie. Where were the sharks with lasers attached to their heads? When they said, it just drops really fast to the ground, I asked, "and?..." To make matters worse, this toy doesn't even do that, it just pops open by way of controls up on top.

This set does have a redeeming jet though. On the box it looked pretty weak, but alas, I have already flown it around the house hyper-fast several times. The little bubble canopy is shiny and catches light really well.

So, overall the Helicarrier Breakout does grow on me a little. Yes, a lot more could have been included, had they rearranged some ideas, but heck that's what your imagination is for with Lego.

Gold star to the inclusion of Space Invaders on the computer screen.


jboypacman said...

It's a pretty fun set and it's great you got such a deal on it Dan. I need to step up and start buying a few of these but all i really want is the Mini-Figures and not the Legos lol.

Dan said...

The Minifigs are the main draw. I wish they could come up with a better idea then bribing us for buying big sets.

jboypacman said...

I agree with you on that Dan.

Dan said...

I bet small $10 packs, that had one minifigure, and a small set that would combine with others, would make for a great sale. Lots would be collected, and maybe elimate those ebay pirates who take the figures out and split sets up. Big sets could still be made, but with slightly altered heroes, maybe battle damaged or something.


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