Sunday, July 08, 2012

Blue Power Rangers

Idstromtroopers dug through massive amount of tonnage of toy to get to this Blue Time Force Ranger. As soon as I saw the cell phone pic, I said I says "Me Like the Blue Power Ranger!"  You see, I collect blue Power Rangers. Mostly because its my favorite color, and not because I identify with David Yost's lifestyle (not that there is anything wrong with that).

This Ranger actually comes with a bike and weapons, but those are long destroyed. What's funny about this toy is that his legs appear backwards. I am sure it was designed that way so he could sit on a bike, but when you want to stand him flat footed, you need to rotated them 180˚.

This figure of course reset my mad ability to not let toy ideas go, and has restarted my urge to collect all blue Power Rangers toys. At least one from each series. I quickly panicked, and ran to the store remembering that a blue Power Rangers Samurai has been on the shelves for months, and I didn't want to miss my chance.

Phew! This version, besides the previous Classic Blue Power Ranger is one of the better designs. He has good articulation, nice sized weaponry, and good overall play value. The sword has a nice long peg for belt fitting.

So here is my Blue Power Ranger collection to this date. I really need to catch up!

If you would like to help me, and have any on the list below, PLEASE, let me know. I will pay top dollar, up to ten, for any conditioned Blue Rangers.  I urge you to go through your little brothers collection bins, older sisters jewelry boxes, uncle Lloyds fishing tackle boxes, and find me the missing spots! Especially a girly girl Mystic Force light blue Ranger.

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