Friday, September 05, 2008

Mola Ram, Sula Ram, Toya Ram

I'm not too big on cutesy Mighty Muggs, but I fell in love with this guy right away. Hilarious to the heart burning in his hands! Neat helmet too, I like how there is a little sad face on it. I like how he can almost eat the heart.

Now I just hope this doesn't unleash Mighty Mugg collecting. I came up with a new phrase for myself the other day. Whenever I get a new toy from a new series of toys it's like opening a 'Dandora's Box'. My worst enemy could destroy me by simply giving me a new toy that I never collected before. It always results in me buying one more, then two more, then double that, then since I went that far, might as well buy the series.

For example, a coworker recently dropped a McDonalds Bobble toy in my mail box. I never wanted to start with these toys, the look creepy, cheap, and the food they come with can kill. But, since I have one, might as well get another one, and another one, and another one.... Luckily I found a McDonald's that had them all, so they let me buy all the ones I wanted! Luckily Luckily I resisted the whole series, and just bought the ones I thought were funny to have. Rumor has it, a lady earlier in the day bought two of every kind for about 80 bucks. Crazy!

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