Friday, September 05, 2008

Mola Ram, Sula Ram, Toya Ram

I'm not too big on cutesy Mighty Muggs, but I fell in love with this guy right away. Hilarious to the heart burning in his hands! Neat helmet too, I like how there is a little sad face on it. I like how he can almost eat the heart.

Now I just hope this doesn't unleash Mighty Mugg collecting. I came up with a new phrase for myself the other day. Whenever I get a new toy from a new series of toys it's like opening a 'Dandora's Box'. My worst enemy could destroy me by simply giving me a new toy that I never collected before. It always results in me buying one more, then two more, then double that, then since I went that far, might as well buy the series.

For example, a coworker recently dropped a McDonalds Bobble toy in my mail box. I never wanted to start with these toys, the look creepy, cheap, and the food they come with can kill. But, since I have one, might as well get another one, and another one, and another one.... Luckily I found a McDonald's that had them all, so they let me buy all the ones I wanted! Luckily Luckily I resisted the whole series, and just bought the ones I thought were funny to have. Rumor has it, a lady earlier in the day bought two of every kind for about 80 bucks. Crazy!


Mike Overall said...

Hey Dan!

Just wanted to let you know the missus picked up all 28 of those McDonald Star Wars toys...any idea how much $$$ that could be worth? Just curious...

Dan said...

Hey Mike!

Sadly my guess, is not that much. Mainly because too many people do that now a days. The trick to making money is on toys that are rare, or one of a kind. Now say if 100 of all those toys were a factory mistake of wrong colors, then yes lots of $$$.


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