Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Message from Optimal Optimus!

I don't know why this burns Optimal so much, isn't he himself a copy of Optimus Prime in a partial way?

Thats right! It's that time of year when Big Lots gets all their Christmas toys in! And what better way to bring cheer, then bootleg pirated toys! They had some doozies again this year. Returning was a TransMetal Dragon Megatron, dark blue and red like original. He was missing many of the quality joints that Hasbro had, but was the same size and everything. New this year was Optimal Optimus (not pictured). They are cheaper plastic for sure.

Also They had this giant combiner robot with Transformer Cybertron mini Starscream for legs and mini Vector Prime for arms. Almost had to buy that to make fun of, but I'm trying to lean up my collection from unnecessary crap.

And finally they had some strange giant Unicorn Centaur Transformer Megazord or something. If it wasn't 14.99, I would have surely bought that to make fun of. Not sure what the hell it was from, but very ugly and stupid looking.

So if you want weird knock off toys, nows your chance at Big Lots!

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