Monday, September 08, 2008

Ah-ha Mr Megatron?

With fears of an eventual toddler in the family, my friend Steve parted ways with his Japanese version of Transformers Beast Wars toy Megatron. He is a spiffy purple dragon, instead of T-Rex. I have no idea how to transform him yet, as the box and instructions are all in Japanese. I would imagine too that a Japanese Transformer Transforms in a completely different way than a United States Transformer?

From the looks of the back of the box, I also have many other Japanese Beast Wars Maximals including Squidicus, Buffaloacus, and Baboonicus.

But what happens when the day comes when I too get the honor of housing a toddler? How will I hide the toys? I wanted to start leaning up my collections now, since it will take about ten years to do so. I figured a neat idea to start. I got a Paypal card, so that I can only buy new toys with the funds of old toys selling on Ebay. I'm sure I will deplete that plan in a matter of hours, but maybe it will get me thinking about slowing down the buying. The problem with current toy trends of today, is that they keep making a better version of the same toy year after year. I have too many versions of the same toy, as we saw in my insane Cobra Commander/Duke numbers. The other problem with owning too many toys is that they devalue what is your favorite toy. If you have 1000 toys, you loose track, and they become less in value to you. But, if you have just 10 toys, they become much more valuable. I would like to follow this idea, but in reality that won't happen until the retirement home I guess.

Which makes for another post, If I could take only a few toys to the retirement home, what would I take?

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