Monday, March 31, 2008

Holy Crap its BraveStarr!

And Holy Crap I bought a copy.

Memory serves me, I HATE THIS SHOW! It was awful, horrible, and awful. To be fair though, I hated it because it bumped Thundercats, (or was it GI Joe?) off the air of prime time kids TV around 3:30 in the afternoon. Those were glorious days, in which I'm still trying to recreate unsuccessfully (and now that I'm 30, its officially creepy) Thank God for the squeaky clean internet though, I can still buy toys online without me looking weird in the Toy aisle with all those kids. ANYHOW, BraveStarr, the best of that is, is now on DVD! Disc 1; the feature film. Disc 2; the top five episodes voted on by fans. Yes, fans??? WHO THE HELL OUT THERE IS STILL A BRAVESTARR FAN TO VOTE ON THE BEST EPISODES??? ok, maybe it was me. So I like to re-experience the strength of a bear, the Speed of a puma, the antics of Thirty-Thirty an upright talking horse with a gun called Matilda, and the power of... Bravestarr!

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