Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Darth Maul meets Snake Eyes! Dan's GI Joe casting ideas!

I like that confirmed possible rumor of truth! As long as Snakes has the line; "At last we will have revenge!"

I hope this continues a trend of better casting. Or at least, take all the old voice actors from the old cartoon and make THEM do the movie.

If I were in charge of signing the actors, and I could get who ever I wanted;

Duke- Matt Damon - the resemblence is uncanny and Bourn fits the training.
Flint- Ben Affleck- a friend of Duke- (with the original voice of Flint Dubbed over)
Ship Wreck- a young Jack Nickelson (I know- get out the Cobra time machine)
Lady Jaye- Steve Cojo
Storm Shadow- jet Li
Zartan- Jeff Foxworthy
The Crimson Gaurd Twins- Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
Serpentor- DNA from a bunch of dead historic leaders fused into an actor
The Baroness- Fran somethin or other from Austin powers
Destro- leonardo DeCraprio- (yeah-put that mask back on!)
B.A.T.- Brent Spiner
Cobra Commander- a tie between House and Rachel Ray (her voice is annoying)

And thats my GI Joe movie cast!


Mike Overall said...

Hey Dan!

Not bad...Steve Cojo? Who might that be?

Hawk could be Tom Hanks...
The geeky guy from Big Bang Theory could be Sci-Fi...

Hey, why not re-make th emovie with some old favourites?

Princess Noin said...

Steve Cojo? The red carpet guy from "Entertainment Tonight"???


Hmm. I will have to give this some thought and compile a list of my own.

My question is, how old is the average Joe? =) Most of them are practically doctors...

Mike Overall said...

Sounds like someone's got a thing for ol' Cojo ha ha

If we're only going by characters from the movie, why not go with Lucy Liu for Jinx!


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