Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Darth Maul meets Snake Eyes! Dan's GI Joe casting ideas!

I like that confirmed possible rumor of truth! As long as Snakes has the line; "At last we will have revenge!"

I hope this continues a trend of better casting. Or at least, take all the old voice actors from the old cartoon and make THEM do the movie.

If I were in charge of signing the actors, and I could get who ever I wanted;

Duke- Matt Damon - the resemblence is uncanny and Bourn fits the training.
Flint- Ben Affleck- a friend of Duke- (with the original voice of Flint Dubbed over)
Ship Wreck- a young Jack Nickelson (I know- get out the Cobra time machine)
Lady Jaye- Steve Cojo
Storm Shadow- jet Li
Zartan- Jeff Foxworthy
The Crimson Gaurd Twins- Mary Kate and Ashley Olson
Serpentor- DNA from a bunch of dead historic leaders fused into an actor
The Baroness- Fran somethin or other from Austin powers
Destro- leonardo DeCraprio- (yeah-put that mask back on!)
B.A.T.- Brent Spiner
Cobra Commander- a tie between House and Rachel Ray (her voice is annoying)

And thats my GI Joe movie cast!

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