Sunday, December 09, 2007

Another Favorite Show...

My latest favorite show is Ben Ten. Mostly because it is very similar to my life. I too have an Alien watch that transforms me into ten various Aliens. In some circles I am known as Dan Flan, which Flan roughly translates into ten in English.

The show is cleverly writen so that multitude of stories can form. Kid with cool watch, spiffy Alien designs, road trip with Grandpa (who may also have some strange alien linking past) and cousin, settings of common vacation spots, the show can go on and on. I am only on season one, episode three, and I'm hooked to the point of the next addiction...

Four Arms! This is my first Ban Dai action figure. (Well not really my first, I have an original Red Ranger in package some where in my closet) Ban Dai toys usually don't hook me. The plastic is weird and "hard" looking. The toys also have an over dose of screw holes and fake joints. I'm thinking for Ben Ten it works in favor of the steamlined look of the show. The colors and shininess also go good with capturing the aliens. The price isn't bad for the 4" guys- about 4.99 each... thats 10 times 4.99 or 50 dollars for the 10 Aliens. Hmmm, maybe those would be cool x-mas gifts, Hint hint hint. They would look good hanging around the nativity scene.

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