Sunday, March 18, 2007

Venom Attacktix is simply Huge!

I am amazed at how tall Venom is in the Attacktix universe. He stands almost twice as tall as his fellow opponents.

Okay-Okay. I exagerated a bit. He actually stands 50 times as large! I didn't want to scare people off from purchasing there own.

Okay-okay. I over exagerated again. He actually stands at 200 times as large! But I didn't want to alarm anyone, that Venom raids your refrigerator for Sunkist. He really makes a mess of the place as well.


Jeff said...

Wow! I hear the only thing that can take him out is the 400x Havok. Is this true?

Or you can always try not stocking your fridge with Sunkist. That'll stop him.

Mike Overall said...

Geez...someone had some photoshop fun ha ha

Haven't gotten into Attacktix yet...saving my money for the new Ironhide Xformer Movie toy. Check it out here

Dan said...

uh,,, what is photoshop?

Mike Overall said...

REALLY hope you're kidding there


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