Monday, December 11, 2006

What toys do I want for Christmas you ask?

I have been trying to fast on toys the last few weeks so that there is something left on store shelves for people to find gifts for. Instead this fasting has turned to a dangerous Transformer splurge of proportions I haven't seen since the opening days of Star Wars Action Fleets circa 1997. A corner of my office has become filled with many new boxes, but I am using unseen restraint in opening them. Possibly, buyers remorse will follow if I open them. Or I'm building some sort of sick monument to have an unopened toy on hand when I really want to play inspect for collecting purposes. Well since I have tackeled the Transformer sides of things The GiJoe sides of things are looking empty. I'm behind on the latest... Hi Tech... figures, that...Zartan!... look like the molds are the best...Destro...yet. Batman Legos are neat, if not waaaay to expensive. Of cousre Im not completly full of Transfomers yet...Classic Skyfire, is really a neat find, or so would be...Grimlock! Well toy or no toy for Christmas, Im blessed for what I have. I did get a chance to shop for the Local Toys for Tots program here. I donated three of the new super cool Bionicles, and a Razor scooter(All though I realized a few days later I should have thrown in a helmet! -gosh I'm evil!!). Only a few shopping days left, its time to start scalping toys on ebay!

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