Monday, December 18, 2006

I bought an Adult Tygra?

Apparently last week I placed a bid on an Adult Tygra on Ebay. And apparently I won an Adult Tygra for about five bucks. I don't remember at all bidding on an Adult Tygra. I better stop with the Mad Dog 20/20 and Ebay late at night. To anyone's relief, Tygra doesn't do anything 'adult' he just has a different head than 'Young" Tygra. I did get what I payed for though, he is in sorry shape. His joints are super loose, his paint is worn badly, he is missing his bullwhip (okay-that sounds adult), and his head spins around really fast (which is funny). He will fit nicely in my collection of beat up Thundercats. Poor Panthro is still trying to get that permenant marker off his head (I tried to fix his baldness problem).

Anyhow, it appears Cheetor was really bummed out I didn't foot the bill for a Tigatron yet.


Dan said...

Yuck! I just discovered that this Tygra figure smokes! or smells of smoke. He may be spending the night in the same vat that Batman pushed Joker in.

Mike Overall said...

Ugh...I think his previous master puffed and huffed a bit yet?

Have you seen the new Perceptor from the Classics line? It's a friggin' tank!

Dan said...

thats a funny looking tank microscope! I have the Red Alert version on my desk at work. I like this line because they are quick to transform and store with too.


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