Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dan-Ra captures 'adult' Tygra.

This cheap 'adult' Tygra figure just stinks! I am not letting him touch the other toys in the museum in fears he will infect them with second hand smoke. Im thinking I will just resell him. For now though, I have him preserved in a zip baggy with a festive pear smelling car freshener. Merry Christmas from Tygra.

In an unrelated bit, check out this Icicle formed on an icicle christmas light. Oh the irony.


Mike Overall said...

Hey Dan!

I didn't know they made those in pear! Will have to check out WalMart for those.

Yeah, the new Perceptor didn't really do much for me. Or Mirage. When did he get such a skinny waist? lol

I have Bumblebee and want Rodimus and Astrotrain...Santa can ya hear me?

Ever checked this site out?


Lucrezia said...

This whole "adult" Tygra thing is kinda creepy. Can we move on now?


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