Sunday, September 17, 2006

Return of the Attacktix!

I have shown unusually weird strengh lately, and have not bought any Star Wars Attacktix, until last night. Had some extra cash, but wanted to save some so I opted for a small toy fix. I guess this is series 4 now. The new boxes reflect the sellers knowledge of those people who used to rip open the old packs and get the rare figures first.

You practically have to have a lightsaber to rip this pack open now. And instead of three figures, you get two but at a lower price, but still just a bit more than the old packs. Ah marketing.

I got a Silver based Ewok and an AT-ST driver! two new ones for my armies!

A nice improvement to the figures is that the common figures have a smaller base; easier to knock over and less then a threat. Makes the rare ones more powerfull indeed.

I really like the Ewok logo, seen here in this close up. Do you think when Storm Troopers first landed on Endor they saw this carved into a tree? They probably laughed. Oh the irony. I hope to get just a few more packs with Ewoks. They would make a powerful force.


Jeff said...

Very skull-and-cross-bone-ish. What does that Ewok do? Throw the rock or something?

Pop Culture Woman said...

I had a lot of trouble using that Chief Chirpa till I watched this video from that attacktix site:

The striker ewok is really good if you can find him! He was my favorite from series 4.

Face said...

Spend less money on food and more on toys.....grandma did say you were getting a bit fat....

Dan would like to say he said said...

I don't know, they symbol just looks scarey, Maybe there even Ewok Pirates on Endor waters!

That video is great! Im having a little trouble aiming though.

gaining five pounds from 140 is hardly getting fat, I have toys with more muscles then me.

Thanks for the commentos.


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