Sunday, September 17, 2006

Return of the Attacktix!

I have shown unusually weird strengh lately, and have not bought any Star Wars Attacktix, until last night. Had some extra cash, but wanted to save some so I opted for a small toy fix. I guess this is series 4 now. The new boxes reflect the sellers knowledge of those people who used to rip open the old packs and get the rare figures first.

You practically have to have a lightsaber to rip this pack open now. And instead of three figures, you get two but at a lower price, but still just a bit more than the old packs. Ah marketing.

I got a Silver based Ewok and an AT-ST driver! two new ones for my armies!

A nice improvement to the figures is that the common figures have a smaller base; easier to knock over and less then a threat. Makes the rare ones more powerfull indeed.

I really like the Ewok logo, seen here in this close up. Do you think when Storm Troopers first landed on Endor they saw this carved into a tree? They probably laughed. Oh the irony. I hope to get just a few more packs with Ewoks. They would make a powerful force.

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