Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Double Long Ranges!

So I watched the season opener to GI Joe Sigma Six on Saturday and I was so excited I bought Long Range on E-bay. (Strange in that he wasn't even in the new episode) I figured he was out a while a go and chances that I will find him in store now a days be grim so I bidnowed and got him for about 25 cobras. Then I go to Walmart the next day (I know, that in itself is kind stupid) and there Long Range is for only 15 Cobras. Well things turned out better than they seem. It seems that the ebay long Range is a 'rarer' one with a little ity bity skull on his key chain to his gun. (of coarse they are all over e-bay so i doubt that it really makes it valuable) The one I got a Walmart has a little red blinking light inside, to catch attention I guess, but the other one does not have that. SO, which one do I open? Which one do I sell back. OR keep both in a magnetically airtight sealed safe underneith the house? I can't decide. I really want to play with the so called recoil action gun the box promotes. THat or I will open them both and they can be twins or something. ack.

Can you believe I finnally updated this place after a week off. Probably got you worried since the one year Toy Museum Anniversary is coming up very shorty. What to do...what to do. I'm feeling lazy lately, maybe I will post some reruns or 'flash back' blogs.

by the way, anybody seen the Super Ken Superman toy in the Barbie aisle lately. What's the deal with that?

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