Monday, September 04, 2006

Happy Labor day!

Ever watch that old GI Joe episode where Lady Jaye and Ship Wreck land on a tropical island in search of a scientist Dr VanNostrom (forgot his real name) and then he tells Ship Wreck of a secret formula that turns water into a bomb but then Cobra attacks and the scientist dissappears and Ship Wreck is the only one who knows the formula cause the scientist puts a strange neral stamp on Ship Wrecks head, then Lady Jaye and Ship Wreck are attacked some more and they escape back to their ship that flys and dives and is being chased by Major Bludd and then they get to the USS Flag and there is a huge battle and Lady Jaye gets on board but Ship Wreck goes down on the little flying ship and then he wakes up in a bed and finds out its five years later and GI Joe won the battle against Cobra due to Ship Wreck's heroics, and then Ship Wreck is now married to his old flame Moyra who once had gills in a prior episode and he now has an annoying little girl but ship wreck keeps having bad dreams where Cobra is yelling at him to tell them the secrect formula but Ship Wreck doesnt know it cause Lady Jaye is the only one who knows the code word to tell Ship Wreck to remember the formula but Lady Jaye died on the sinking of the Flag during that great battle long ago, so Ship Wreck is loosing it big time he doesn't know what is going on, and then he is confronted by other retired Joes who then turn into Sinthoids which Ship Wreck tries to hit them and get away, and he does in a Sinthoid blob which goes down a chute that takes him to a Cobra Base where he wakes up in a bed and accidentally washes the grey out of his beard which makes him realize its not five years later and this is some sort of Cobra trick and then The Crimson Guard brothers grab him and gets him and puts him on a table and there strange new blond student trys to make him tell the formula in a dream like trance machine but Ship Wreck doesn't tell but then his bird Polly shots the evil bird Polly and Ship Wrek really starts figuring out that this is not Springfield but Cobra Base Alpha that the GI Joes had been searching for for years and he starts wandering around the base and finds a neat room where Cobra agents are testing out paper airplane like things that chase Ship Wreck and then he runs to the lab professor VanNostrom used and remembers the formula but then is surprised by every Cobra main player, and then Destro is like "give us the formula" and Ship Wrek is like "no!" so he pours it down the sink and Destro is like "No! that match won't ignite that!" and Ship Wrek calls his bluff and drops the match down the drain and nothing happens cause Destro was really right, but then Destros stupid troops fire at Ship Wrek and that explosion ignites the chemicals in the sink which blows up Cobra Base Alpha and the GI Joes see it and save Ship Wreck who is then hugged by Lady Jaye.

Yeah, I just watched that one.

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