Monday, July 17, 2006

MicroMachine City IQ test

I am having the toughest time tryinig to get the layout of Micro Machine Travel City just right. There are so many things to consider. For the plates to fit right, its nice to have the seems match, but that doesn't aways have to be. I personally like the 'city park' feel you get with the house, firehouse, hotel, and such. But when doing so limits other options. Then there begs the question who gets the city dump right next to their land? Or who gets the impressive ultra powered Battle block next to their land? And the Marina has to be on the end? right? And does every one live in the only house, or do they all take turns at the hotel. ARRRRG!

Well, anyways, these things keep me up at night. Perhaps when I find City Hall, the drive through bank, and the Toll bridge things will fall into place more easily.

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